Perfect Landing and Map Zoning Tip for Fortnite Battle Royale Pros

Welcome guys! In part one of the landing guides for Fortnite beginners we talked about the basics, now let’s dive in deeper and see what you can do to step up the game as a more advanced player: Here are the Fortnite advanced & pro tips for Battle Royale map zoning!

Fortnite Landing Zones for advance players

Most of the players like to eliminate other players instead of hiding and waiting. If you are a good player and want to kill alot of enemies then I can guide you some areas which are according to your higher level and interest.

Fortnite areas for agressive players:

  • Tilted Towers
  • Paradise Palms.
  • Retails Row.
  • Salty Springs.
  • Frosty Fights and Happy Hamlet.

But if you are a good player and prefer patience and hiding then the areas i am going to suggest you for landing are best for you.

Fortnite areas for patient & strategic players:

  • Nut Crackers House.
  • Trogs Cave.
  • Snowman Face.
  • Haunted Castle.
  • Pleasant Park Overlook.
  • North Eastern Hanger.

Developing a Fortnite Battle Royale Map Strategy:

Fortnite funny tactic memeAre you a good player in Fortnite? Then only good landing areas are not enough for you to get better because adopting more mapping Strategies is also necessary to improve the skill and earn the Victory Royale. If you want both things then this guide is going to be very knowledgable for you. Because in this guide I will let you know about all the Map Strategies of Fortnite which can be help you for you in becoming a pro. When your player is sitting in the battle busmake a strategy which you have to follow all over the game. I will guide you in making those strategies and if you will follow this tactic then your chances of winning will increase for sure.

The strategies which will help you in improving your skills are written below.

Fortnite Map Strategy 1: Always stay At the Edge

This Fortnite Battle Royale map strategy is very effective and risky at the same time, so you have to be careful. Because in this strategy, you have to stick next to the storm circle. You must be thinking is this guy trying to make a joke? why I would stay near to the circle I will die etc. But wait: I will tell you the logic behind this strategy if you will stick near to the circle than no one will be able to hit you from behind because all of them will be dead in the storm.

If somehow someone faces you while running, then that player will be also in a hurry. So, that player would never waste its precious time on you but if you have good aiming skills you can wait for a second and eliminate that enemy! In this strategy you just have to worry about the players that are far away from you.Fortnite Victory RoyaleNote: Always pay attention on your movement speed because if you stopped a few times you will also die because you are near to the circle. So, practice this strategy a few times it will help you for sure.

Fortnite Map Strategy 2: Kill Whoever You Come Across

Now, this strategy is for those who like action and fighting, this tactic is also related to the one above. Whenever you are moving in a certain direction towards the circle, maybe you find some enemy in your way. It is necessary for you to take care of those enemies otherwise they will take care of you.Rush Towards the CenterThis means that whom ever you come across while you are moving to the edge of the circle, you have to kill him/her. Otherwise, they can follow you, waste your time or kill you. All these things are bad for you if you want to improve your skills. By killing them you will be sure that no one is coming from behind as someone tries to come you will kill them and the remaining ones will die due to the storm.

Fortnite Map Strategy 3: Rush the Circle

Fortnite Safe Zone Pro StrategyNow, this is going to be a bit funny because this strategy is the opposite of the first two strategies in this strategy you have to rush towards the circle xD. Now most of you must be saying WHAT THE HELL!! Sorry for that but it is effective! ;D The previous strategies will help you in improving your combat skills but this strategy will help you in improving your Fortnite stealth skills. In this strategy, you have to stay hidden, collect loots, resources and go towards the final circle through all the circles that are created along the way.

Fortnite Map Strategy 4: Get To Know The Terrain

If you are following the tactics above perfectly then you will reach the final Fortnite circle before anyone else will. But mastering the above strategies requires some patience and time to practice. After reaching first to the final circle then you have some time to study the Battle Royale terrain in that circle.Fortnite Pro Tip Study the MapYou can easily look for vantage points, some buildings or objects to cover or hide and places that will be perfect for a base. But you have to keep one thing in mind that you do not have a whole day other players must be arriving soon.

Fortnite Map Strategy 5: Take Cover or Build

If you have followed the fourth strategy properly and have studied the area, then it is time for you to think. Now either you can build a base and prepare for a fight to kill the enemy players who can arrive at any time, or you can hide in a building or behind a bush and wait for other players to come and kill each other and then you can fight with the last one and Victory Royale is yours. Both are good options but if you are not good at the combat skills, then I suggest you to go for the second option.
Fortnite Build a FortNote: Maybe all of these strategies won’t work in first attempt but don’t lose hope and practise. Practise makes Perfect!

Move on to the next Fortnite skill guides.

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