Fortnite Battle Pass Season 3 Guide – Outer Space

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1. Fortnite Season 3 Start & End date:

battlepass-icon Fortnite Battle Pass Season 3:

Season Start22.02.2018
Season End30.04.2018
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2. The Battle Pass Season 3 Price – what does the Battle Pass cost?

battlepass-icon Free Pass100% Free
battlepass-icon Battle Passvcoin 950 V-Bucks
battlepass-icon Battle Bundlevcoin 2800 V-Bucks

3. Battle Pass Season 3 Guide

With the Battle Pass you decide if you want to make an investment into a huge amount of aesthetical cosmetic items. If you buy the Battle Pass you will get exclusive loot, which other players without this season pass will never get! The more you level up the more you can collect in your inventory. Find all items in the Fortnite Cash Shop.

4. What is new in Fortnite Season 3?

  • COOL Sesaon 3 was a space themed event. Everything had to do with outer space & space explorers.
  • OMG In Season 3 players were able to collect 15 cosmetic items.
  • NEW Season 3 offered a Battle Bundle for the first time, that means you are able to purchase the big pass and jump 25 tiers up instantly!/li>

5. Fortnite Battle Pass Season 3 Rewards

Fortnite Season 3 RewardsIn Season 3 even more items can be collected compared to Season 2! On the image you can see tha increasing amount of Fortnite ingame rewards that you can get.

Find the Battle Pass Overview here.

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