Dota 2 Leaderboards

Valve released the Dota 2 Leaderboards for each Region that you can play on. The Dota 2 World Leaderboards show the best 200 Players of the SOLO MMR.

The Regions are Europe, America, SE Asia and China. Valve is displaying the Dota 2 Leaderboards on the Official Dota 2 Blog.

These guys are extremely good, if you are a Dota 2 Player and if you know the MMR Rating this is crazy shit. These Numbers show the Players statistics in Solo Public Games (not a Pro Clan). This means they enter games and play with 4 random guys and manage to win this much – respect! 😮

Here are the top 3 players of each region (2014):

1. BBC.w33 with 7254
2. – D3M0N * with 7157
3. C9.FATA-.HyperX with 7155

1. ^^DragonFist^^ with 7399
2. DOTA STORE PERÚ with 6849
3. Noobs.R.Us with 6471

SE Asia:
1. [LHH] Toy.ay with 6546
2. RAPYYYY with 6481
3. Assail.FATAL with 6451

1. LGD.CDEC.上头。 with 7124
2. Sufei.1000-7=? with 7107
3. iG.Ferrari_430 with 7083

Why there are no Global Leaderboards?

The Whole Ranking in each Region is different. The Division scales itself and therefore Valve says there is no sense in comparing it right now. Maybe this will come in the future! 😎

Reach the Top Players!

Let’s not look away ashamed. Let’s fight to be one of the 200! 😀 I will try to. Next Goal: 4000 :mrgreen:
Good luck and have Fun playing and reaching the Top 200 😎

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