Dota 2 Item Prices

In Dota 2 there are right now exactly 128 Items (without Recipes).

The cheapest Items start at 50 Gold (Iron Branch & Clarity) the most expensive is Dagon 5 with 8120 Gold. This List gives you a great Overview about the Gold Prices in Dota 2. 😉 In my Opinion Midas and Drum of Endurance are a bit overrated and Heaven’s Halberd, Eul’s and Mekansm should be build more often!

Info: This List contains the In-Game Dota 2 Items (Sort by Gold Value)
and NOT Dota 2 Steam Item Prices.

Full Dota 2 Item Prices List

Dota 2 Upgrades all Prices

ThumbItemShopDota 2 Gold Price
dota-2-items-sacred-relicSacred RelicSecret Shop3800
dota-2-items-eaglesongEaglesongSecret Shop3300
dota-2-items-reaverReaverSecret Shop3200
dota-2-items-mystic-staffMystic StaffSecret Shop2700
dota-2-items-demon-edgeDemon EdgeSecret Shop2400
dota-2-items-blink-daggerBlink DaggerStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop2150
dota-2-items-ultimate-orbUltimate OrbStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop2100
dota-2-items-hyperstoneHyper StoneSecret Shop2000
dota-2-items-talisman-of-evasionTalisman of EvasionStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop1800
dota-2-items-mithril-hammerMithril HammerStandart Shop1600
dota-2-items-ghost-scepterGhost ScepterStandart Shop1600
dota-2-items-shadow-amuletShadow AmuletStandard Shop1600
dota-2-items-javelinJavelinStandart Shop1500
dota-2-items-claymoreClaymoreStandart Shop1400
PlatemailStandart Shop1400
dota-2-items-point-boosterPoint BoosterSecret Shop1200
dota-2-items-broadswordBroadswordStandard Shop1200
dota-2-items-vitality-boosterVitality BoosterSecret Shop1100
dota-2-items-energy-boosterEnergy BoosterSecret Shop, Side Lane Shop1000
dota-2-items-ogre-clubOgre ClubStandart Shop1000
dota-2-items-blade-of-alacrityBlade of AlacrityStandard Shop1000
dota-2-items-staff-of-wizardryStaff of WizardryStandard Shop1000
dota-2-items-helm-of-iron-willHelm of Iron WillStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop950
dota-2-items-morbid-maskMorbid MaskStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop900
dota-2-items-gem-of-true-sightGem of True SightStandart Shop900
dota-2-items-quarterstaffQuarterstaffStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop900
dota-2-items-ring-of-healthRing of HealthSecret Shop, Side Lane Shop875
dota-2-items-void-stoneVoid StoneSecret Shop875
dota-2-items-bottleBottleStandard Shop650
dota-2-items-chainmailChainmailStandard Shop550
dota-2-items-cloakCloakStandart Shop550
Gloves of HasteStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop500
dota-2-items-blades-of-attackBlades of AttackStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop450
dota-2-items-band-of-elvenskinBand of ElvenskinStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop450
dota-2-items-belt-of-strengthBelt of StrengthStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop450
dota-2-items-boots-of-speedBoots of SpeedStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop450
dota-2-items-robe-of-the-magiRobe of the MagiStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop450
dota-2-items-ring-of-regenRing of RegenStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop350
dota-2-items-sages-maskSage's MaskStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop325
Orb of VenomSecret Shop275
dota-2-items-stout-shieldStout ShieldStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop250
dota-2-items-quelling-bladeQuelling BladeStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop225
dota-2-items-flying-courierFlying CourierStandart Shop220
dota-2-items-magic-stickMagic StickStandart Shop200
dota-2-items-sentry-wardSentry WardStandard Shop200
dota-2-items-circletCircletStandard Shop185
dota-2-items-dust-of-appearanceDust of AppearanceStandart Shop180
Ring of ProtectionStandard Shop175
dota-2-items-animal-courierAnimal CourierStandard Shop150
dota-2-items-observer-wardObserver WardStandard Shop150
dota-2-items-mantle-of-intelligenceMantle of IntelligenceStandart Shop150
dota-2-items-gauntlets-of-strengthGauntletsStandart Shop150
dota-2-items-slippers-of-agilitySlippers of AgilityStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop150
dota-2-items-town-portal-scrollTown Portal ScrollStandard Shop, Side Lane Shop135
dota-2-item-tangoTangoStandard Shop125
dota-2-items-healing-salveHealing SalveStandart Shop115
dota-2-items-smoke-of-deceitSmoke of DeceitStandard Shop100
dota-2-items-iron-branchIron BranchStandart Shop53
dota-2-items-clarityClarityStandart Shop50

Dota 2 Single Items all Prices
ThumbItemNeedsDota 2 Gold Price
dota-2-items-dagonDagon5Staff of Wizardry, Null Talisman, 5x Recipe8120
dota-2-items-abyssal-bladeAbyssal BladeSkull Basher, Sacred Relic6750
dota-2-items-skythe-of-vyseSkythe of VyseMystic Staff, Ultimate Orb, Void Stone5675
dota-2-items-divine-rapierDivine RapierSacred Relic, Demon Edge6200
dota-2-items-satanicSatanicHelm of the Dominator, Reaver, Recipe6150
ButterflyEaglesong, Talisman of Evasion, Quarterstaff6000
dota-2-items-eye-of-skadiEye of Skadi2x Ultimate Orb, Point Booster, Orb of Venom5675
dota-2-items-mjollnirMjollnirMaelstrom, Hyperstone, Recipe5600
dota-2-items-daedalusDaedalusDemon Edge, Crystalis, Recipe5500
dota-2-items-heart-of-tarrasqueHeart of TarrasqueReaver, Vitality Booster, Recipe5500
dota-2-items-monkey-king-barMonkey King BarDemon Edge, 2x Javelin5400
dota-2-items-assault-cuirassAssault CuirassPlatemail, Hyperstone, Chainmail, Recipe5250
dota-2-items-refresher-orbRefresher OrbPerseverance, Oblivion Staff, Recipe5225
dota-2-items-necronomiconNecronomicon3Staff of Wizardry, Belt of Strength, 3x Recipe5200
dota-2-items-linkens-sphereLinken's SphereUltimate Orb, Perseverance, Recipe5175
dota-2-items-radianceRadianceSacred Relic, Recipe5150
dota-2-items-manta-styleManta StyleUltimate Orb, Yasha, Recipe5050
dota-2-items-bloodstoneBloodstonePerseverance, Soul Booster5050
dota-2-items-orchid-malevolenceOrchid Malevolence2x Oblivion Staff, Recipe5025
dota-2-items-ethereal-bladeEthereal BladeEaglesong, Ghost Scepter4900
dota-2-items-shivas-guardShiva's GuardMystic Staff, Platemail, Recipe4700
dota-2-items-battle-furyBattle FuryPerseverance, Claymore, Broadsword4350
dota-2-items-aghanims-scepterAghanim's ScepterPoint Booster, Ogre Club, Blade of Alacrity, Staff of Wizardry4200
dota-2-items-sange-and-yashaSange and YashaSange, Yasha4100
Desolator2x Mithril Hammer, Recipe4100
Black King BarMithril Hammer, Ogre Club, Recipe3975
dota-2-items-heavens-halberdHeavens HalberdSange, Talisman of Evasion3850
dota-2-items-pipe-of-insightPipe of InsightHood of Defiance, Headdress, Recipe3625
dota-2-items-diffusal-bladeDiffusal Blade2x Blade of Alacrity, Robe of the Magi, Recipe3300
dota-2-items-soul-boosterSoul BoosterPoint Booster, Vitality Booster, Energy Booster3300
dota-2-items-rod-of-atosRod of AtosVitality Booster, 2x Staff of Wizardry3100
dota-2-items-shadow-bladeShadow BladeShadow Amulet, Claymore3000
Skull BasherJavelin, Belt of Strength, Recipe2950
dota-2-items-dagonDagon1Staff of Wizardry, Null Talisman, Recipe2800
Eul's Scepter of DivinityStaff of Wizardry, Void Stone, Sage's Mask, Recipe2700
dota-2-items-maelstromMaelstromMithril Hammer, Gloves of Haste, Recipe2700
dota-2-items-veil-of-discordVeil of DiscordHelm of Iron Will, Null Talisman, Recipe2675
dota-2-items-armlet-of-mordiggianArmlet of MordiggianHelm of Iron Will, Gloves of Haste, Blades of Attack, Recipe2600
dota-2-items-boots-of-travelBoots of TravelBoots of Speed, Recipe2450
dota-2-items-mekansmMekansmBuckler, Headdress, Recipe2300
dota-2-items-force-staffForce StaffStaff of Wizardry, Ring of Regen, Recipe2250
dota-2-items-vanguardVanguardVitality Booster, Ring of Health, Stout Shield2225
dota-2-items-blade-mailBlade MailBroadsword, Chainmail, Robe of the Magi2200
dota-2-items-crystalisCrystalisBroadsword, Blades of Attack, Recipe2150
dota-2-items-hood-of-defianceHood of DefianceRing of Health, Cloak, 2x Ring of Regen2125
dota-2-items-hand-of-midasHand of MidasGloves of Haste, Recipe2050
dota-2-items-sangeSangeOgre Club, Belt of Strength, Recipe2050
dota-2-items-yashaYashaBlade of Alacrity, Band of Elvenskin, Recipe2050
dota-2-items-vladimirs-offeringVladimir's OfferingMorbid Mask, Ring of Basilus, Ring of Regen, Recipe2050
dota-2-items-mask-of-madnessMask of MadnessMorbid Mask, Recipe1900
dota-2-items-drum-of-enduranceDrum of EnduranceBracer, Robe of the Magi, Recipe1875
dota-2-items-helm-of-the-dominatorHelm of the DominatorHelm of Iron Will, Morbid Mask1850
dota-2-items-perseverancePerseveranceRing of Health, Void Stone1750
Oblivion StaffQuarterstaff, Robe of the Magi, Sage's Mask1675
dota-2-items-arcance-bootsArcane BootsEnergy Booster, Boots of Speed1450
dota-2-items-power-treatsPower TreatsBoots of Speed, Gloves of Haste, Claws of Attack1400
dota-2-items-phase-bootsPhase BootsBoots of Speed, 2x Blades of Attack1350
Medallion of CourageChainmail, Sage's Mask, Recipe1075
dota-2-items-ring-of-aquilaRing of AquilaCirclet, Ring of Basilus985
Tranquil BootsBoots of Speed, Ring of Regen, Ring of Protection975
dota-2-items-urn-of-shadowsUrn of ShadowsSage's Mask, 2x Gauntlets of Strength, Recipe875
dota-2-items-soul-ringSoul RingRing of Regen, Sage's Mask, Recipe800
BucklerChainmail, Iron Branch, Recipe800
dota-2-items-poor-mans-shieldPoor Man's ShieldChainmail, Iron Branch, Recipe800
dota-2-items-headdressHeaddressRing of Regen, Iron Branch, Recipe600
dota-2-items-bracerBracerCirclet, Gauntlets of Strength, Recipe525
dota-2-items-magic-wandMagic WandMagic Stick, 3x Iron Branch, Recipe500
dota-2-items-ring-of-basilusRing of BasilusSage's Mask, Ring of Protection500
dota-2-items-null-talismanNull TalismanCirclet, Mantle of Intelligence, Recipe470
dota-2-items-wraith-bandWraith BandCirclet, Slippers of Agility, Recipe485

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