There was and still is a big discussion about the Elo System in CS Global Offensive.

Today I want to talk about it in detail, how I think you can rank up faster and why.
Let’s check out how it works!

About me: I won about 600 Games of CS GO Matchmaking and at the moment im ranked in Double AK (Master Guardian Elite). See all Ranks here. With my history of Games I feel confident in giving a judgement about the CS GO Elo. If you disagree on something make a comment. Have Fun Reading. 😎

What is Elo?

Elo means, to evaluate the players skill due to his performance in game. In most of PvP Online Games different Elo’s are used. The Elo-System was originally defined in chess.

About the CS GO Elo

In total it’s easy : If you win more than you lose you gonna rank up – but there is more than that. People rank up and down in situations they don’t know why or often it is just not consistent or reproducible.

  • You can rank up with a win or a draw.
  • You can rank down with a defeat or a draw.
  • You can rank up and down multiple ranks at once, if you win vs higher ranked enemies.

Check the Video at 4:52 as a proof:

Some People in the Forum told they even ranked down with a win – if this is true the chance is of course really really low and this should not happen to you.

What counts in CS GO?

  • Win the Game
  • Amount of won and lost Rounds
  • MVP-Stars Count (Most Valuable Player of a Round)
  • KDA Count (Kill / Death / Assist)
  • Placement in the team (Position 1-5)
  • Winstreaks / Losestreaks
  • Time of beeing Offline (Decay)
  • Leaving Game
  • Shooting Accuracy

How to Rank Up in CS GO?

Which Conditions are most important and how can i rank up as fast as i can? I created an empiric priority list what counts most:

Important to Rank Up:

  • 1. Just Win (You rank up after an average of 7 Wins in the last 10 Games, BUT this depends also on the following things)
  • 2. Amount of won and lost Rounds (Example: 16-0 is GOOD, 16-14 is BAD)
  • 3. MVP-Ratio (Defuse Bombs, Get the most Kills, get more Stars)

Not so important but it can help:

  • 4. KDA-Ratio (Example: 30-4-4 is GOOD, 10-25-0 is BAD)
  • 5. Placement (Beeing on position 1 is not too important, but this brings a better KDA, MVP and Win-Rate anyway so this should be your goal)
  • 6. Shooting Accuracy (The Game calculates your headshot and hit rate. Shoot less! It helps on the long-term view)

Playing CS GO with Friends

Also you should decide wisely with WHO you play. Impatient, loud or unconstant skilled people are poison for your career! 😀 Play alone or with the right people.

I got more fun playing with friends usually, BUT I feel that it’s bad for my rank often. 😀 If you play in team, it feels like no matter what happens, just the win counts. We rank up and down at the same time (while having different ranks). This sucks! One of my Friends is always Place 5 and has a low KDA & MVP and I am place 1 or 2 but nothing seem to matter. After a while now, we are in the same Rank Group, but in reality there is a huge gap between our skill..

Things that go wrong

Sometimes a guy in one rank group (For Example AK-1) is brilliant and carries the game. Another one (also AK-1) sucks hard. Apart from diversity of the daily performance, it’s bad to see that within one skill group people often got a very different skill. 😳


Still i like the CS GO Matchmaking System. It’s big fun to try to rank higher and higher. And it’s also big fun to bully friends who suck and rank down! 😀

What’s your opinion about the CS GO Elo? Do you feel like what you do in game pays off?


  • Asd

    Kda does not influense your elo. Neither does accuracy.

    • Babelee

      Did u forget the “IMHO” at the end?
      please tell me the source of this statement

    • Paul Jarvis Jones

      yes it does

  • YoRill!

    800 wins and your MGE? most players get MG at around 150 and off of that i would put MGE at about 200-230 wins

    • RoboHarry QPK

      He said he played 800 games not won 800 games

  • geo40

    i am dmg with 83 wins. is not that hard to rank up.

    • Hailong Mo

      me too, but what now?? have you notice the massive derank?

    • PolishBrit

      44 wins silver 1

    • Wolf Ranger

      27 wins silver III

      • 404 Aroma

        200+ wins… SILVER III!!!

  • gfg6542

    I have the same friend that is allways last and has a really bad k/d and barely any mvps,but he is the same skill group like mine when i play i usually carry in like a 15 points or more (usually) gap from second place. and he even loses less because he gets carrield all the time when he is pressing the accept button he knows that he is a carry that will most likely win the game for him,but when i press the accept i know that i have to play my best game to carry the other 4 and win.and the game matches me with those bad players on purpose so i can carry them same thing upside down my really bad riend he gets matched with pepole who carry him up.and thats all a resault of the ranking system that dont fit csgo.

  • JT0074

    I was Silver Master Elite at 20 Wins..Deranked and now I`m at 54 Wins and Just got Silver 2…

    • 3000Names

      I think ur are stuck in silver lol

      • 404 Aroma

        you are* or your* or u are* or u r* or ur*

        so many options and you/u choose the wrong one lmao (no hard feelings)

        • Pencho

          Your is a wrong way too…

          • ASSDAD

            Very true…

        • Paul Jarvis Jones

          or YOU’RE

    • ACS Maestro

      yeah i have alomst 60 and have been silver 2 for a looooong time, i ranked up to silver 3, then 4 then i got deranked and have not moved since.

  • Seth

    You could do some more analytical research on this by adding your games on https://csgostats.gg? For me the ranking system has been very strange! My bottom fragging friend has ranked up twice, from DMG to LEM but top fragging every game I’ve only gone from LEM -> Supreme. Feels like the weight of the rank up is partly dependant on how much below the average you are and how often you win as someone under the average.

    Would definitely be interested seeing a fresh account with a full MM history! Great post tho!

    • Delaney

      its also partially dependent on the population of that elo as for you to rank up someone else must lose a rank or in turn rank up there are set specifications for each rank i.e silver may have like (fake numbers) 50k spaces and gn will have 30k mg 20k lem – supreme 10 k global 2 k

  • bullshit elo

    all of you fucking retards think omfg my elo is sooooo high it doesn’t mean anything its bullshit all you need to do to rank up is to win games and try not to lose them




        this site is made by a fucking tryhard who thinks his mlg at the game fucking 1v1 me m8 lets see if u can prove your “ELO” story

        • ^ Angry Virgin ^

          you salty little cunt hahahaha

    • 404 Aroma

      are you mentally retarded…
      like honestly… don’t talk shit about stuff your small mind cant understand…

      if you wanta general view of how complicated the elo system is… it comes from chess…

    • Tahkuri

      you know elo comes from chess right? but that must be bullshit too.

  • botak

    110 win and still silver 3 fuckoff gaben

    • 404 Aroma

      bitch… I’m silv 3 and am about to rank up to silv 4 yet I have won 200+ games

      • Pencho

        I have 103 wins and Im máster guardián 2…

    • MasteR

      31 wins and mg1

      • LOCK

        23 wins mg1

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  • Charrumon

    so fucking angry I won 3 games in a row and played consistently (doing well in those games) and deranked, fuck. my. life.

    • YouR Wrong

      no you didnt

  • Dyvex

    Well I got 11 winspree in supreme,still no global

  • Jarggero


  • Hhh

    Make a new acct if stuc in silver

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