CS GO Console

This Tutorial shows you how to activate the most important thing in CS GO: The Console! It’s your main control area to define everything in CS GO!

The Console is the most important control set in CS GO. Via the Console you can define, change and upgrade your game!

What is the CS GO Console for?

Here are some of the possibilities of the Console:
Reaching the perfect fps, changing crossfire, changing mouse-fading and so many different configs!

The Console is the main foundation for all the other configs that you can find here! To get the best Configs for CS GO you can browse our Config/Tool archive!

How to activate the CS GO Console

Step1: Right click your steam tray icon and open the Library.

Step2: Find Counter-Strike Global Offensive, right click it and open the Properties.

Step3: In the Properties hit the Button “Set Launch Options…”

Step4: Type -console and press Okay Dokay!

Bind a Key for the Console

You finally made it! You can feel like an explorer of the new world now 😛 , get started using the Console in your daily life! To bind the Console on a defined key just type into the Console following Command: bind “y” toggleconsole
Now pressing y will always open your CS GO Console!

Easy, isn’t it? 😎

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